Can you Sand Flex Seal?


Yes, few Flex Seal products can be sanded once it’s fully cured but some Flex Seal products specifically Flex Seal paste aren’t ideal for sanding down. Flex paste is ideal for repairs that require a thicker application and can be molded to shape. It’s recommended to sand lightly and not aggressively, as it may damage … Read more

13 Tips to Make Flex Seal Dry Faster(save hours)

How to Make Flex Seal Dry Faster

In the world of quick fixes and DIY solutions, Flex Seal has emerged as a go-to product for sealing leaks and making repairs across a variety of surfaces. From mending a leaky roof to revitalizing outdoor furniture, its versatility and effectiveness have made it a household staple. However, one common hurdle users might encounter is … Read more

Best Flex Seal for Concrete Cracks

Best Flex Seal for Concrete.jpg

The best Flex seal product for sealing cracks in your concrete surfaces such as the driveway or the basement is the Flex Seal Liquid. Flex Seal Liquid seals out air, water, and moisture, it’s also mildew, chemical and UV-resistant. You can apply Flex Seal directly onto concrete surfaces by brushing, rolling, dipping or pouring it … Read more